Wedding Cakes + Wedding Cupcakes

On the most beautiful day of your life, there is one important item, besides the bride and groom that should not be missing: the wonderful wedding cake.

Any cutting of the wedding cake is for many a magical moment where traditionally the bride and groom do together.

Pay attention who has their hand on top when cutting the cake. Many people say the person who has their hand on top is also the person who has the upper hand in the marriage!

Another tradition is when the wedding couple risks a kiss over the cake tower directly after the first cut.

How would you like your cake to look? If you have no idea we suggest a look into our photo gallery. Here you will find a small assortment of wedding cakes and cupcakes. You will discover that many of the wedding cakes are decorated with starfish and shells – all edible and fitting for a beach wedding.

If your dream wedding cake is not among the choices from the gallery, we will gladly assist you so your dream of cutting your wedding cake on the beach becomes a reality.


Information regarding the arrangement of your wedding cake:

The cake toppers on the wedding cakes as seen in the gallery are not automatically included in the price. Many wedding couples bring their own cake figures or we may order them.

This also includes the flowers you see on the cakes. They are ordered separately by our florist. The price depends on the current market price.

Cake flavors:

Light (in color) biscuit flavor, chocolate flavor, marble-biscuit flavor

Filling samples:

Blueberry – German Chocolate – Vanilla Custard – Cherry – Fresh Strawberries – Chocolate Fudge – Lemon – Pineapple – Raspberry – Strawberry – Keylime – Chocolate Pudding – Coconut


Buttercream, Cream Cheese, Fudge, Rolled Fondant