Tropical Dream


Our romantic tropical bamboo ambiance


A tropical dream created with bamboo and beautiful high quality fabric, sea shells and starfish.

We offer this tropical decoration in many different variations. Choose between fresh vibrant colors, vintage style, natural colors or white.

Authentic sea shells and starfish are a must in this tropical decoration! In addition we can also provide seashell garlands.

Regardless if you choose a more classic style or a more beach style this decoration in both variations are an eye catcher.

this Wedding Package includes


A romantic tropical dream you will never forget

♥ Complete consultation and support before and during the wedding

♥ A unique and romantic wedding/ceremony, carried out by Christine Baumeister, ( Notary Public )

♥ Filing of the Marriage License ( Weddings )

♥ Decorative marriage certificate in a wedding folder handmade by us

♥ Sand ceremony, small heart bottles for you to take home

♥ A dreamlike decorated bamboo arch

♥ Floral arrangement made out of satin fabric each right and left in the corners of the bamboo arch

♠ Floor decoration made of tropical green plants, authentic sea shells and star fish

♥ 1 round decorated table matching the overall decoration

♥ 1 bottle of champagne, silver champagne bucket and 2 champagne flutes

♥ 2 decorated torches matching the overall decoration

♥ 2 white wedding chairs ( with or with no chair covers ), or bamboo chairs, with tropical decorations

♥ Bridal bouquet and groom boutonniere

♥ 80 professional digital high resolution photos for download as jpg. Color + black and white

♥ Recorded music played from an iPod over a sound system. You are also welcome to bring your own CD, iPod or any other digital player including of your favorite Recorded music.

By request we will make reservations for the bride and groom for a table in a beautiful restaurant. Bride and groom pays for restaurant bill.

Below you will find various examples of color schemes and decorations.

Are Photos especially important to you? No problem! An additional photo package can be booked.

Also 4 additional decorated torches and more floor decoration can be booked separately upon request. Please contact us for the price.

Info! On Sanibel Island silk + real flowers are prohibited.  Only Bridal Bouquet are allowed.


$  2,180 + FL 6%

For some beaches/beach sections a Special Event Permit is required if it is a wedding with decorations. Prices vary depending on location.

between $ 150 – $ 550

The permit must be applied for at least 30 days before the wedding and every additional day there is a charge of  $5 from the city. Every single wedding must be registered with the city except for weddings taking place on a boat, weddings without decorations or weddings taking place in a vacation rental.

A beautiful Beach decoration – Color accents can be added to highlight your theme.

Our Tropical Dream Wedding Package in different styles and different colors, scroll down and you will see a lot more decoration pictures.

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Additional information for your Wedding in Florida 

If assistance is needed with the marriage license application procedure I will happily accompany you. The fee for this service is $35.

All of our wedding packages include in the price the wedding couple + 2 witnesses to the marriage. For each additional guest there will be a charge of $5 (liability insurance + cleaning).

For larger weddings additional employee + time costs may be added. This depends on the size of the decorations that are added to the booking.

Further additional services can be added 3 weeks before the wedding.  Examples: bridal bouquet, wedding cake, additional champagne, hairstylist + makeup (home visit), white wedding chairs, beverages for the guests, additional decoration etc. It is however advisable when the wedding has been planned out 3 weeks before taking place.

One tiered wedding cakes for up to 12-15 People / Guests can be delivered to the beach. Larger tiered we can deliver to your vacation villa, or to your house. We also offer catering services as well, and a DJ and live singer (minimum  party of 15 people) for your wedding party delivered to your vacation rental villa.

Weddings with more than 10 guests attending the ceremony will be performed using loud speakers. Our fabrics used for decorating are not made out of tulle. We use high quality chiffon, silk and other noble fabrics.

Our decorative flowers we use are made of high quality silk fabric which we change on a regular basis.If you wish to use real flowers for your decoration we can arrange this for you for an  additional cost.

Take a look in our photo gallery….you will find many inspirations!

We offer small but also large wedding possibilities from 2 – 100 People wedding party.

Limousine service, hair stylist + makeup home service or salon, photo and video package, wedding cake or wedding cupcakes, coffee, beverages, bridal bouquet, fruit bowls etc.

If you would like to add additional items or events to your wedding just click on the services button for more information.

Decoration Flowers – Information

all our flowers in the decorations are high quality silk flowers.

We can offer all wedding packages with real flowers instead of silk flowers at an additional cost. For this we contact our florist. Prices vary depending on what type of flower and market prices. Real flowers do tend to cost more.  The climate,  in Florida also affects the durability of the flowers. We work with very high quality silk flowers which you can hardly distinguish from real flowers. You decide whether you want to have real flowers in your decorations at an additional cost or whether you like our silk flowers as pictured in the wedding packages.

We offer bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and table flower arrangements made from real flowers but also silk flowers upon request.

Tropical Dream – blue + turqoise

Tropical Dream –  turquoise + yellow

Tropical Dream –  raspberry, light pink + little purple if you like

Tropical Dream –  pink

Tropical Dream –  orange + yellow