For many people around the world it is not an easy time due to the corona virus.

Many couples had to postpone or even cancel their wedding plans.

Due to the pandemic, life has become restricted and wanting to express your love is no exception.

However many people still have the wish to marry, even during the pandemic time.

Feeling hopeless that no one can fullfill this wish? We can do it!

We offer  “Home -Wedding which can be arranged in your back yard!

By far “the best.”  And your love, despite these difficult times, can be sealed with a beautiful wedding ceremony

And that is not everything.

Don’t give this pandemic the chance to ruin your dream of a wedding…..love should win.

We make it possible. We will just pack our decorations and come to your back yard.

Invite your family and best friends, all chairs will be properly spaced apart to keep everyone safe. Recommended social distancing as well as hygiene regulations will be adhered too.

If you are not ready to have guests yet, no problem, We can add those important people via video live chat, so they can still be present during the ceremony (provided Wi-Fi is good).

We can get the marriage license for you, without you having to personally go to the license office yourselves.

Just a few documents/information is needed which you can Email to us and we can directly apply for your marriage license.

All you need to do is choose a wedding package and tell us the date you want to marry.

Starting at the end of May before noon is recommended due to the probability of rain.

When everything is there and ready to go, we will come with the wedding license and the chosen wedding package and celebrate your very personal wedding day.

Just say “YES” to your Florida “Home-Wedding” Simply write us an E-Mail: info@tropical-weddingplanner.com

 A “Home-Wedding is also ideal for couples who, due to health reasons, want to marry at home.

Should it not be possible for you to marry outside your home, no problem, we will come to you.

„Love is All“

when you hold me like this
so many memories fill my eyes
the first time we kissed
the times we nearly said good-bye
but still here we are
tested and tried and still true
and stronger than we ever knew.

Author: Marck Anthony