Same-sex Marriage




As of January 6th in 2015, Florida became the 36th state to legalize same sex marriage.

Since 2015 we have all enjoyed Florida as equals and say “ I do „! Here in our beautiful South West Florida.

We have offered Florida Gay and Lesbian wedding`s from the very first day.

Since 2006 as a symbolic Marriage and since 2015 legally, yeahhh.

We live in the 20th Century and the world is changing all the time. The World keeps turning and we turn with the world.

You want to elope to your wedding right here in Florida? … here we go, just one click to your dream.

Come to Florida and have a romantic exchange of promises. Just the two of you, or with a bunch of your loved ones. Get married barefoot on the beach, how wonderful does that sound?

Don`t dream of it, do it! …Again, it’s just one click away …